BeFit offers its guests the adapted yoga trainings. In yoga classes the experienced instructors teach yoga asanas (gradually from simple to complex) and pay attention to the proper breathing techniques and meditation. The lack of deep immersion in the philosophy of yoga does not prevent participants from getting huge benefits and incredible pleasure from classes.

The benefits of Yoga

The regular yoga practice helps you to bring your body and soul into harmony. Under the guidance of the experienced instructors you can achieve notable results:

  • Strengthen all muscle groups.
  • Improve body shape.
  • Get rid of cellulite.
  • Develop
  • Improve
  • Normalize metabolism.
  • Set your emotional state in order.

In the BeFit rooms equipped for yoga classes the special atmosphere is created and it promotes the right mood. The training is accompanied by the relaxing music. The restful lighting helps to forget about life outside the hall and concentrate completely on doing exercises.

In our fitness club anyone can practice yoga regardless of gender, age and physical fitness. We invite titled and highly qualified instructors to work with groups, instructors who have dedicated their lives to yoga and pass on their love for this ​​fitness trend to the participants.

Choosing yoga, you embark on the path of harmony and health!