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BeFit complex broke fundamentally new ground in the fitness industry. BeFit is the first and only one club which has combined the best traditions of five-star service with the innovative sports technologies. Forget about ordinary gyms! BeFit offers each of you to open up the world of the elite fitness.

Fitness test

Before you choose the style and the intensity of training, we offer you to undergo the detailed testing conducted by qualified staff. Thanks to the use of the newest technologies our specialists make a highly accurate analysis of the body condition. The following data are collected for this purpose:

  • The height, weight, body circumferences measurements.
  • Blood pressure and heart rate measurements.
  • Body composition assessment (the percentages of fat, bone and muscle tissue).
  • The calculation of the caloric expenditure and so on.

The results provide a comprehensive picture of the state of health of a person and allow to design the optimal training programme.

In addition to collecting the body condition data, our specialists conduct the physical activity readiness test. The testing consists of the following steps:

  • Assessment of muscular endurance.
  • Assessment of flexibility.
  • Assessment of muscular strength.
  • Aerobic test.

The collected data demonstrate an objective assessment of a person’s readiness for the future loads. It is the only way to choose the training programme that will bring real benefits and only thus can the achievement of your goal be guaranteed!

Personal training

A new beginning is doomed to success if you get help from the competent instructor. This is true for any work and especially for the first steps towards excellent health, perfect well-being and ideal physical form. When you cross the threshold of the fitness club for the first time, it is difficult to “hit the target” immediately and choose not only the appropriate sport discipline, but also the level of optimal load on your own.

Our club offers newcomers to use the services of a personal trainer. The world-class specialists, who have the highest qualification, will create the individual training plan for you. Your personal scenario of attending classes will be based on your goal, previous experience and the state of your health, including contraindications.

Individual training is the most effective way to achieve self-improvement. Experience shows that those people who choose individual training look much more better in comparison to not only with those who never did any sport but even with people who prefer group sessions.

Group training

Group training has a lot of benefits. It’s safe to say that:

  • It is more affordable.
  • It promotes the spirit of healthy competition as beginners try to catch up the leaders of the group and this spirit of competition will help them to improve their results.
  • It brings positive collective emotions as each training goes lively and as positive as possible.

Choosing a sport direction, you can go after your own intuition or preference. To get full confidence that your choice is correct we’re friendly advice you to attend one of our group classes that mentioned below, to get an accurate idea about each of BeFit directions:

Booty Blast

Booty Blast is a workout aimed at correcting the body shape and allowing you to look great in tight jeans or bikini.

Multiplay Room

Badminton, basketball, volleyball and much more.

MMA (Fighting Zone)

A wide range of martial arts from wrestling, boxing to the popular overseas Muay Thai and Jiu-jitsu.

Step Аerobics

Step aerobics is a cardio training with the use of the step platform, which helps you to lose excess weight and tone your body quickly and efficiently.


Tabata is an extremely effective method of interval training.


Yoga is a training, thanks to which, you can achieve the harmony of the soul and body, acquire an excellent physical fitness, develop concentration and much more.


Pilates is a training program that allows you to build strong and toned muscles at any age.


Cycling is an efficient fat burning and cardio training on stationary bicycles.

Core Fit

Core Fit is a dynamic training improving overall well-being, which is aimed at strengthening the muscles of back, abdominals and buttocks.


BOSU is a training based on the exercises improving coordination and developing balance.

The ABC of Fitness

Fascinating and exciting direction with the passage of relay races and outdoor games.

Tone Up

Tone up is an intensive training which involves many repetitions with the use of a barbell.

Body Balance

Body Balance is a training that promotes the development of flexibility, strengthens the muscles and helps to return the joint mobility.


BeFit is a unique combination of functional training and intense cardio-load.

BeFit Kids

BeFit kids is an effective combination of intense cardio-loads and functional fitness.


Optimized time of cardio or strength training with alternating power loads.


Classes with the use of special equipment for fitness.


Training for all muscle groups by using a unique simulator.


Dance fitness program based on the popular Latin American rhythms

Our dance classes deserve extra compliments and enthusiastic reviews. In our perfectly equipped halls the professional teachers help everyone to master the dance style they like, develop a good ear for music and a sense of rhythm, work on plasticity and grace. We know many examples of cases in which people started learning dancing as a hobby and then it turned into their lifework.

Choosing a properly balanced group programme you can achieve the expected results and, most importantly, maintain them for a long time. Thanks to the regular training, the responsible attitude to the process and the attentive attitude of the trainers, you will develop such qualities as balance, explosive strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, agility and bring these qualities to perfection.

The BeFit strength and aerobic classes meet international standards and are intended both for the experienced sports enthusiasts and beginners.

Come to our club and you will get support of like-minded people!
Remember, health and longevity of body and spirit is a guarantee of a fulfilling life!

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By purchasing a club card BeFit, you become a full member of the club, taking full advantage of all its capabilities and privileges:

  • Free access to the gym, swimming pool, aerobic studios, martial arts, yoga within the framework of specially selected group programs and also the thermal complex of our SPA.
  • Participation in a rich sports and social life BeFit, thematic fitness tours, Outdoor-classes.

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Weekdays – from 7:00 to 23:00
Weekend and public holidays – from 8:00 to 22:00

Sales department:
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