The ABC of Fitness

The ABC of fitness – is a programme for young and very little guests of the club BeFit. Following it the rising generation learns the right attitude to physical exercises. Every group is formed on an individual basis. Not only the age of the participant and the existing contraindications are taken into account, but also the level of the loads appropriate for him. From class to class the experienced instructors explain to the participants the basics of:

  • Gymnastics,
  • Choreography,
  • Aerobics,
  • Yoga.

In addition, we invite children to the martial arts training groups.

The duration of the trainings is calculated so that the children could get the appropriate load and not get overtired. Learning exercises resembles playing a game, so children enjoy the process from beginning to end.

The benefits of fitness

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits that exercises bring under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Every class that your child attend:

  • Builds good posture.
  • Develops strength and endurance.
  • Improves flexibility of muscles and joints;
  • Trains strength and agility.
  • Teaches healthy sports excitement.
  • Allows him to get rid of stress and accumulated energy.
  • Helps to normalize sleep and appetite.

This list can go on. However, this is enough for attentive parents to realize that fitness for kids and teenagers is the best alternative to the «friendship» with gadgets, computer and TV set.

We will help your child to grow fond of sports sincerely, and grow up healthy in a healthy environment!