ViPR is a fitness training with the use of special sports equipment, which is a one-meter-long hollow tube ranging from 4 to 26 kilograms with several cut-out handles. One ViPR can be a worthy substitute for a whole range of sports equipment: kettlebells, dumbbells, a barbell, a ball (including an exercise ball) and so on. During the training the ViPR can be rotated, rolled, thrown, etc. The rubber that the tool is made of makes it resistant to stepping on it, falling from height and other mechanical impacts.

The benefits of trainings with ViPR

Attending trainings with ViPR you can be sure that as a result:

  • The muscles of your body will be developed comprehensively.
  • A step-by-step increase in the weight of the trainer will promote the development of physical activity and endurance.
  • There will be a gradual gaining of muscle mass.
  • The excess body fat will be gone.
  • Your mood and overall health will be improved.

The popularity of using ViPR is also explained by the fact that the number of the movement combinations with its use is almost countless. All this makes the complex of exercises with ViPR not only efficient, but also exciting.