Tone Up

Tone Up is an intensive complex of exercises affecting major muscle groups. Its main difference from the traditional strength trainings is a fast pace and a high number of repetitions. In order to achieve the maximum effect, the additional equipment – the barbell is used during the training. The exercises with little weights performed at a rapid pace do not only help to lose weight, but also allow getting a beautiful body shape.

The whole complex of exercises can be conventionally divided into two groups: strengthening of muscles of upper and lower torso. Intensive fat-burning workout will help you to lose weight fast and will make your body fit. Tone Up is an ideal combination of strength and anaerobic loads.

Any person, regardless of age or physical fitness, can attend trainings. High and moderate intensity loads help not only to burn extra kilos.

The main benefits of Tone Up

Training regularly you will see positive changes pretty soon. They include:

  • Slender figure, beautiful muscle contour.
  • Physical development (endurance, strength, posture, stretch, balance).
  • Burning calories fast.

The training also benefits the whole body a lot:

  • The blood volume increases and it promotes a better circulation of oxygen.
  • Cardiovascular system and skeletal system are strengthened.
  • Efficiency during intense physical activity is increased.
  • The state of the nervous system is stabilized.

Our trainers create the programme so as to minimize the pressure on joints and spine. That is why Tone Up trainings are recommended to overweight people and also to women and men over fifty years. Regular physical activity helps to forget about many illnesses and cope with minor ailments.

With Tone Up strength loads you can lose weight fast and achieve a beautiful muscle contour of the whole body.