Multiplay Room

Badminton, basketball, volleyball. Training and tournaments for game sports combine physical activity, game satisfaction and competition spirit.

It is proved that playing sports not only help to maintain good physical form, but also develop personal qualities.

Badminton – for people of any age and lifestyle. It helps develop motor skills and reactions, contributes to mental balance, relieve stress and increase the general tone of the body. Due to the need to monitor the shuttlecock, badminton can strengthen the eye muscles.

Basketball is an incredibly entertaining and dynamic team sport. It promotes the development of coordination, mobility and endurance, helps to learn how to act as a cohesive team and understand the intentions of the other team members.

Volleyball is one of the most popular and loved by many people sports, which not only helps to develop coordination and develop the reaction, but also to fully experience the team spirit. Such exercises contribute to improving the psychological mood and improving overall well-being.

Table tennis is a sport for active and motivated people. It contributes to the development of an excellent response and good coordination of movements, the development of high-speed qualities and rapidity of impact. On energy costs, this kind of sport takes one of the leading positions, second only to badminton.

Squash is a dynamic and exciting game with a ball and racket for accuracy and endurance in an enclosed court space. One of the most intense in physical exercise sports games with ball and racket.

Squash most effectively develops endurance and coordination of movements, strengthens the muscles of the legs, buttocks, press and back, positively affects the cardiovascular system, and is also a good way to lose extra pounds.

The game all ages are submissive, whether it be tennis or basketball, badminton or Squash. Sports activities help not only to strengthen the physical strength of the body, but also to bring psychological health in full order, contribute to the increase of mood and self-esteem. Yes, and simply – sports can fill life with bright colors and a lot of positive emotions. Play on health, and a special cover Taraflex will save you from accidental injuries!