Booty Blast

Booty Blast is a programme that allows you to work on the muscles of your legs and buttocks thoroughly and achieve a perfect muscle contour of them. Specially selected music creates a dynamic atmosphere and positive mood during the workouts. The training goes at an intense (rarely moderate) pace. At the same time the muscle tension remains maximum during the whole workout. The training ends with stretching exercises, which are performed on a mat.

The benefits of Booty Blast programme

This effective workout differs from standard aerobic classes and has its own undeniable advantages:

  • Helps to develop beautiful muscle contour.
  • Corrects problem areas.
  • Develops muscle strength, improves posture.
  • Improves psychological state.
  • Does not harm a body with a lack of physical fitness.

Booty Blast complex is a perfect fit for those who want to tone their figure and strengthen their muscles. This programme is chosen by people who love active trainings.

Do you dream of strong and beautiful body? Make sure to include Booty Blast workouts in your training programme.