BeFit is a unique authorial training system, which is available only to the clients of our fitness club. The system includes harmonious combination of functional and cardio trainings. Every workout implies the use of two kinds of ultra-modern sports equipment: TRX и VIPR.

TRX is a training in which all exercises are performed with the use of your own body weight for load and includes the use of special suspension straps.

VIPR is a complicated and at the same time exciting system of exercises with the use of the apparatus of the same name.

Why you should choose BeFit

Thanks to the unique methodology and the use of the innovative equipment our clients:

  • Get a supply of positive energy.
  • Tone all muscle groups systematically.
  • Develop strength, dexterity, balance and coordination.
  • Improve flexibility, agility and reaction speed.

You shouldn’t forget about the special atmosphere in which every workout is held. Our instructors create a positive and bright mood in a group. There is not even one participant who would leave the exercise room without a pleased smile upon his face.

The collection of the equipment used in trainings is constantly replenished and it means that every fitness-lover will find new authorial methods and new sports achievements!