About BeFit

BeFit is not just an ordinary gym with training equipment. We are a perfect combination of innovative technologies of a new generation, a professional approach to each client and a five-star level of the service provided. We are the only of its kind.

Such a concept as “fitness” is boundless and multifaceted. Our task is to discover the fullness of this concept, completely erasing false stereotypes, such as the belief that old age can be the cause of a less active way of life. BeFit is a new direction, long ago departed from the concept of a simple rocking-room.

Be engaged in fitness and remember the importance of health and long-term activity, keep the functionality of the body and be healthy!

History of creation

The authors of the BeFit idea are a group of people, their discussion of fitness and brain storms about a healthy lifestyle, led to a unique project where every visitor can find answers to any questions about sports, beauty and health.

Why BeFit?

In English, the phrase Be Fit means being in good shape, which expresses our wish to every visitor.

Our slogan is BE SMART. BE FIT. BE COMPLETE. – fully reflects the idea of our club.

The BeFit team will do its best to ensure that each of our clients receives a personal service at the highest level.

Our Mission

We proudly deliver the essence of luxury, providing personal service, improving the quality of life by using our fitness philosophy, inspiring the values of a healthy lifestyle, making every day special, creating the best conditions to our customers, partners and colleagues.

Our Vision

To be a world class luxury fitness and spa club. To be the leader in all of our activities through dedicated work with our customers, partners and colleagues.